All International orders are priced in US dollars and shipped via the South African Post Office (SAPO) International. The SAPO works in conjunction with local postal services around the world to deliver packages to their final destination.

    While many packages make it to their final destination without issues, Warren Louw is not responsible once the package lands in the destination country as he does not have any jurisdiction over international countries and their postal systems. Should any issues arise after the package has landed in the destination country, the recipient is responsible for contacting their local postal service to remedy the situation with the tracking number provided.

    The recipient is also responsible for all customs fees and taxes if applicable - most times there are no additional charges involved. If your package is seized by Customs Officials for any reason whatsoever, Warren Louw will not issue you a refund unless all artworks are returned to him in their original condition.

    Also note that due to occasional shipping and customs delays, your artwork may arrive a bit later than expected.

    Due to packaging differences, sketchbooks and posters cannot be shipped together, so shipping for these items will be charged separately. 

    By using this site you agree to this shipping policy. 

    If you have any further questions, please make sure to contact us.

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